Rules and Regulations

The rules of the 609th United Task Force are as follows:

  • 609th United Task Force has a zero tolerance policy in regards to racism and sexism. If anyone is found to have made racist or sexist remarks the member will be punished accordingly.

  • Members of the 609th UTF will respect each other regardless of their origin, nationality, age, gender, sexuality, race, religious beliefs, or creed.

  • Cursing is tolerated within reason. We understand that in this day and age it is commonplace within most people’s vocabulary however if you’re found to be cursing a lot or with intent to offend, punishments will apply.

  • Do not discuss religious or political matters. We are here to have fun and these topics don’t belong in gaming.

  • Do not broadcast issues or post content involving nudity, sexual content or any other adult content of an offensive or questionable nature whether it be by images, videos, text or voice communications.

  • All members of the 609th UTF are expected to conduct themself in a professional manner both to other 609th members and the public.

  • The official language of 609th UTF is English however we are a multi-national group and will assist members as much as possible.

  • No Cheating or Hacking. If you are found to have cheated or hacked punishment will be applied.

  • No Advertising or Solicitation - Promoting your website, Twitch/Youtube channel, asking for money, Discord server or other services such as referral links by posting topics or DMing members.

  • No Warez - Discussing piracy/warez or otherwise illegal means of obtaining software.

  • Inappropriate names - Names contrary to the 609th UTF server rules are forbidden. User names expressing racism, sexism, homophobia, or discrimination in nature are strictly prohibited.

  • No mass tags, if there is an urgent member please inform a member of staff who is online to resolve the issue, mass tagging will result in a mute or ban depending on circumstances.

  • No Hot Mics - If you have a lot of background noise you may be asked to enable Push-To-Talk. Failure to do so will lead to being muted.

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